10 fun things to do in Indiana

If you live in Indiana, you will already know that Indiana is one of the fun places to live. But if you have just moved to this city or are there for a short holiday I have created a list of 10 fun things that will make your stay memorable. See here for more fun indiana events.

1. Indianapolis Museum of Art: This the 9th oldest encyclopedic art museum in the U.S, it also doubles as the eighth largest encyclopedic art museum. Located in Newfields, this museum houses the Lilly House, Greenhouse, The Gardens at Newfields, Beer Garden amongst others. There is a vast range of over 50,000 collections in this museum.

Admission is usually free on the first Thursday of each month. Otherwise, Adults pay $18, children aged 6-17 are required to pay $10 while those aged 5 and under are admitted for free.

2. Tappers Arcade Bar: Craving some Indianapolis crafted wine? Tappers is the place to be, you will also enjoy more than 80 arcade and pinball machine games to play for free. This is the first retro arcade bar in Indianapolis and just so you are prepared, no food is served here.

3. Eiteljorg Museum: named after the founder, Harrison Eiteljorg, if you are looking to update yourself with the diverse cultures of the West and Native American Eiteljorg Museum is the place to be.

4. The Holiday Park: Many amenities exist at the holiday park, the park is open from dusk to dawn daily. This park is perfect for fun-seeking nature lovers who are visiting Indiana!

5. One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon: The largest half marathon held in Indiana yearly. This is an activity that athletes, natives, and just anyone can partake in. Former Olympics athletes are also seen here too.

6. Goose The Market: A foodie who visits Indiana without having a bite of the luxurious meat cuisines at this place. If you love meat, then this is a place you will have loads of fun.

7. Lockerbie Square Historic District: once called Germantown because of the German population in the 1800s, this is one of the oldest places in Indianapolis. Visit this district to enjoy the view of 25 different residences built between 1855 and 1930.

8. Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial: If you are fond of Abraham Lincoln, the former U.S president, then you should visit this museum dedicated to him in his boyhood town.

9. Enjoy the slowest race on earth: The slowest race on earth holds at the Indianapolis Zoo. This is where you get to see turtles racing up and down but not to the finish line.

Rather, they compete with food. If you have time on your hand, the Zoopolis 500 is a fun thing you should enjoy in Indianapolis.

10. Wondering where to have some drinks in Indiana? What’s a trip without the opportunity to share booze with other people like you. Nick’s English Hut is the place to be. Nick’s English Hut is popularly revered as home to the greatest drinking game— Sink the Biz.