10 Facts about Jewelry You Probably Don’t Know

Did you know that the most beautiful jewelry in the world is the Graff Pink? There’s more.

Jewelry shares a history as ancient as man himself, created as ornaments to enhance beauty or show wealth, or just as presents these days.

While you might be a jewelry expert or you have the basic knowledge of pieces of jewelry, I bet there are a few facts that you do not know about these precious accessories. Learn more about diamond jewelry here. Meanwhile, you can also read about the healing properties of lavender here.



The 10 Facts about Jewelry You Probably Don’t Know

When discussing jewelry, there are often some specific parameters that come to mind. These usually include material (i.e. gold, diamonds, silver, etc.), weight which is usually in karats, size, color, etc.

However, there is more to be known about, and listed below are ten rare facts about jewelry that you probably don’t know.

1. “We have close to 10 billion tons of gold on the ocean floor.”

While the prices of gold rise and fall with the world’s economy, there are still tons of untapped gold resources in the ocean. Think about this when you are out in the ocean, surfing. There could well be gold buried under you.




2. “Diamonds can be between 2-3 billion years old.”

Not only are diamonds known as one of the hardest accessories of jewelry, they are also extremely old; like 3 billion years old- that old.

3. “The most preferred choice of metal for jewelry is gold. Why? This is because it is safe and doesn’t react with your skin.”

So if you buy a gold necklace or ring, and it leaves marks on your skin upon contact, know that you’ve got yourself a knock-off.

4. “The ‘Evening Stone’ Kunzite is known to lose intensity when exposed to sunlight over a long period of time.”

The pink gem, Kunzite will lose its intensity if left in the sun for too long. Though it can fade, the gem’s color can also be enhanced through irradiation and then heating.

5. “The first and most popular account of an engagement ring in history was in about 1477.”

It was made popular by the wedding of Mary of Burgundy to Maximilian the First.

6. “Adamas is the Greek word from which the diamond is coined. It means invincible.”

The word diamond is known for its peculiar structure, beauty, and toughness. Most people have no idea how the name was coined. Now, you know.

7. “Gold is sometimes mixed with other metals for jewelry, such as with the Rose Gold Jewelry, made of gold and copper.”

8. “Jewelries can be medicinal.”

This is one of the oddest of the bunch but true. In Asia, some people grind pearls to powdery form and swallow them to cure abdominal upsets.

9. “The leading producer of silver is Mexico.”

Here is one more fact you get to learn about Mexico. The country is typically known for its notorious drug cartels but they have lots and lots of silver up there too.

10. “Geolu is an old English word from which the modern word gold was coined. Geol means yellow.”

Now, you probably know more than your jeweler about jewelry.

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