10 Birthday Decoration Ideas

Birthday is a moment of galore and celebration. What makes a celebration more amazing and beautiful is the decoration around it. Your birthday shouldn’t be dull because of dull decors or inappropriate themes.

Your decorations should uplift the spirit of your guests and must go well with the moods of the celebrant. Also, see here for how to throw the best birthday party for your kid.

Below are 10 fantastic birthday decoration ideas that can never go wrong. 

Birthday decoration doesn’t have to cost you a whole lot like planning and preparing for the wining and dining is still there. In this post, we shall look at DIY decoration ideas that can be fully utilized to make the birthday party a unique one. 

Paper Crown

In creating a paper crown, you will need gift bags or wrapping paper, scissors, tape or stapler, a pencil, and a ruler. Cut a rectangle out of the gift bag or wrapping paper that is 20″ long and 5″ tall. Then fold the cut out equally in two with the printed side together. Use your ruler to measure 2″ down from the top and draw a horizontal line across the paper. Then use the scissors to cut out a triangle shape from one end to the other but make sure you don’t cut past the drawn line. This will bring out the crown points. Now open the strip back up and with the printed side facing up. You might want to decorate the paper with glitters, pom poms, or ribbons. After you are done with the decorations, now bring the two ends together to form a circle. You can use your stapler or tape to hold the two ends together. Voila, you’ve gotten your decorated crown. 

Mail Mob 

Request from your guests to send their birthday cards days before the party. When your child has received enough birthday cards, string all the cards together to make a beautiful decoration. 

Balloon Numbers And Letter Decor 

Find a conspicuous and empty space to make use of. Start by making a string form of your plan number, then tape the string on the wall in the patterns or number you want. Now, blow your balloons that will be placed on the string number, tape both ends down to make it stay on the wall. 

Make Glitter Balloon 

Rub the bottom of your balloon with glue and dip it in a bowl of glitters. Now blow some air into the balloon. Glitters have enchanting effects on people and can easily transform dull events into fanciful moments. 

DIY Birthday Banner 

Cut out a desired beautiful shape from cardboard (preferably pink color cardboard) that can contain a letter in big fonts. Now, paint your “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” with the name of the celebrant all in capital letter and gold color. String it together with the use of tape or glue. The combination of pink and gold gives awesome glitters. 


With the aid of colored tissue paper, you can make beautiful pom-poms that will add sparkles to your birthday party. 

Confetti Glasses 

Find some big glasses and candles. Stand the candle inside the glass with glitters at the bottom. Now light the candle. The light from the glitters and the glasses will create a gorgeous ambiance fill with romance. 

Beautify Your Birthday With Ribbon Chandelier 

Fill your party with wonder and pageantry. Ribbon chandeliers will add a beautiful atmosphere to your birthday party. 

Balloon Backdrop 

Create a balloon backdrop for your birthday party where everyone can be able to have their picture taken. This will add the needed festivities to your parties without too much noise. 

Picture Garland 

Walk down the memories lane by showcasing the pictures of the celebrants. Get some printed pictures of the celebrants showing their milestone and journey, tape, strings, and clothespins At a corner of the party, hang the pictures on the strings tied to something from both ends holding them with the clothespin.