10 Best Places To Outsource Your Ebook Writing

Writing may be time-consuming and energy-constraining to you.

Especially if you have a daily job to attend to every day and a family to look after.

But not being able to accomplish what you love (writing of course) can be depressing.

That is why it may be a great idea to just outsource your next ebook writing task.

But not all freelancing platforms out there are worth the egg.

That is exactly why I have taken my time to create a list of the 10 best places to outsource your ebook writing.

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Looking for where to outsource your ebook writing on a low budget, try Fiverr. This platform allows you to hire writers based on their level of expertise, years of writing, and rating by past customers. Though the higher the rating, the costlier the price. This platform allows you to hire a writer for as low as $5.


Upwork is also one place to outsource any services you wish to be rendered to you without stress, writing inclusively. This platform provides a wide range of writers, from ebook writers, content writers, web content writers, copywriters e.t.c. The edge this platform has over the rest is that it allows you to carefully select the kind of writer you want in accordance with your niche.

Cannibals Media – We Offer Content Writing Services

This platform is also great for outsourcing writers who know their onion. This is a company that you can hire to have your writing professionally done for you. Their years of existence is a testament to the proof of their validity.

Writer Access

A fast-growing US-based site that offers writing outsourcing. If you are concern about having your ebooks written in Native English, this is the best place to be. This platform offers you a payment method whereby you pay by the word. They offer great quality work. It is a place to outsource your writing if quality matters a lot to you.


This is a business content writing oriented platform. It offers services to better the content writing of businesses. If your ebooks center on business alike, this is the place you need to be for your outsourcing. The platform allows writers and customers interaction. And the great advantage is that you can contact a writer via phonecall to give out necessary directives that may pose problems through chats.

Test Broker

This platform offers you different quality types. It allows you to choose the kind of quality you need your work to be according to your budget. This is a consumer-friendly platform and offers great customer service.


This platform offers different languages from English, French, Spanish, German e.t.c this is due to their large writer base. They are acclaimed to offer you writers who will charge less than 2$ for an article depending on the quality of the job you want to be done. If you are looking for where to outsource your writing on a large scale, this is a site you need to try out.

Hire Writer

This platform offers you the opportunity to outsource writers based on their category; Beginner, General, Skilled, and Expert. It also avails you to hire a writer in the 80$ per 500 words range.

Express Writers

This platform allows you to outsource writers on 200$ per 3 pages of writing done. Also allows you to request a quote from the arrays on their websites.

Ghost eBook Writers

This platform allows you to outsource writers according to your budget. It also cost less than many other platforms out there.

The price range starts at 15$ per page for pages less than 25. The higher the page the lower the price becomes.